Throughout childhood, I (John Lejeune Jr.) was very entertained by electronics. My father, John Lejeune Sr., Worked management at a chemical plant called Cytec. My father would bring spare electronics home for me to tinker with. At the age of eleven, I began to D.J. in a local skating rink (Sun Town Hall). At the age of fourteen, My parents (John and Joyce Lejeune) had purchased some large sized home speakers for my birthday to D.J. with. From then on the gigs started rolling in. The business started as “John’s Professional D.J. Service”.

At the age of fifteen, I out grew the speakers and my parents bought some professional Peavey SP2 speakers and some other equipment totaling to approximately $1250.00. Over the next year I paid my parents back for the equipment. As time advanced, job demand grew. I looked for a more hip name for the business, and with my mothers help, Rock-It Productions came about. The age of nineteen, included the purchase of a Green laser system. This technology was some of the most advanced at the time for mobile D.J. services. This was a scary purchase for me being nineteen, however I had faith in myself and the business. The cost of the system amounted to approximately $5000.00 in which I paid off in approximately a year. I met with school class groups to advertise the new system in which I received a good response. I started phone book advertising around seventeen. Web site advertising soon followed.

John DJn on a Mardi Gras float in the early '90s

We grew as the north shore grew. There began to be an excess of jobs that I had to turn down. Around this time, I talked to a friend of mine from high school, Jason Baskin, with common knowledge of the setup of sound systems. I probed his mind on his interest of running a second D.J. system for me so we could perform two gigs in one night. He was interested, and began working for me. After that, around the age of twenty-one, I quickly added two additional, higher quality Bose sound systems along with team members to supply the demand for the D.J. market. The Peavey system was kept for backup and we were currently using one JBL EON sound system and two Bose Sound systems. I also added an intelligent lighting system.

About the age of twenty-two I added a video projection system, karaoke, digital photography package, and another Bose sound system to the setup. We were now in the big leagues, there was no stopping us. We even added a foam party package. It was fun while it lasted; however we rarely perform foam parties anymore due to liability issues.

Towards the beginning of 2002, and around the time I graduated college from SLU, was the startup of a new company called See-Hear Incorporated. While performing a gig at the Holiday Inn in Covington Louisiana, I happened to glance in a room where a projector was, similar to the type of one that I purchased for the video projection system. A light turned on in my head. At that time I went and conversed with Kim Alsobrooks, head of the sales department which developed into a friendship. I informed that I have the same type of projector and asked her what the scoop was on the projector. She informed me that that projector was rented from a separate company and it was used for business meetings. I told her that my projector primarily used during the weekend and that I would rent her my projector for less that she was currently paying. She eventually agreed. With the fear of one business performing too many tasks I decided to open this business with a completely different blueprint. I approached one of my friends from high school and active Rock-It D.J. at the time, Patrick Theriot. Patrick was about to graduate from college and I knew that he would be looking for a full time job soon. I told him the situation and mentioned that I would not be able to operate both businesses effectively. He was interested, and with the help of my mother’s creative skills the name See-Hear (meaning visual-audio) came about and See-Hear Inc. was born.

 2004 included the converting from CD to computer setups. 2005 brought on the different levels of D.J.s dividing them up into positions B, A, and A+. These positions basically tell the customer what type of service they will get. It’s the only way it could be done fairly because everybody wanted the D.J.s with the most experience and the ones who performed the best job. In 2006, we are up to multible sound systems and several additional features that can be added.

We had a down turn of gigs in 2009 due to the economic problems which led us to adjust our rates some to help us and our customers. Towards the middle of 2010 everything started picking back up and then we added a new service "http://www.DJTrivia.com ".  Which added weekly fun trivia events at restaurants and such throughout the week.  In 2010 we also updated all of our lighting systems to laptop controlled for our Extreme show, And LED lighting for our basic shows.  We also added the LED up light package which is perfect for events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, etc. 

We added the photo booth and flip packages as a cool new addition to just about any event!  We created the web site http://rockitphotobooths.net dedicated just to the photo booths so customers can find information and are able to view their pictures.

The Bass Wagon came into play in February 2013, and then we added an outdoor mobile photo booth to the Bass Wagon in November 2013. 

Hats off to God, my parents, employees, and all others that have supported the businesses and myself throughout the years.


Check out one of our original commercials that was played on the local cable channel: